Public Speaking

Having been involved directly and indirectly for more than 20 years in the Arab-Israeli peace process, Dr. Ben-Meir is able to offer a much-needed first-hand insight into the most complex issues that have plagued the Arab states and Israel for decades. His education, experience, and deep knowledge of whatever subject he is addressing make him a captivating public speaker.

Ben-Meir’s frequent travels to the Middle East and his extensive network of academics and government officials across the region keep his perspectives fresh on a wide range of issues. Ben-Meir is known for his balanced views and ability to decipher the most complex issues and present them compellingly with clarity and directness. He closely follows the developments and events in the Middle East as well as other international conflicts in order to provide an up-to-date analysis on a situation while advocating practical policy positions and initiatives that seem to have eluded others.

Ben-Meir has addressed hundreds of gatherings, including councils of world affairs and town-hall meetings, participated in panel discussions, and been a key-note speaker for major organizations and professional conferences. His appeal as a public speaker stems from his sensitivity and respect for his audience, whatever their level of understanding, the same respect he has for the people whose lives are shaken by political crises.

Those who listen to Ben-Meir speak often characterize their impression with three words: “A real treat!”