In A Referendum, The Israelis Will Choose Peace

As long as Prime Minister Barak delivers a normal peace with Syria, with iron-clad security arrangements, the Israelis will choose the path of peace even if it means a total withdrawal from the Golan Heights and a complete relocation of the settlers.

Demonstrating in Tel Aviv in early January, a

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Why Israel Must Seek Peace Of Reconciliation With Syria

Syria's reluctance to offer Israel immediate peace of reconciliation in exchange for full withdrawal is one of the stumbling blocks that has impeded progress in the current negotiations. Indeed, from the Israeli vantage point, only a warm peace of reconciliation, in which the Israeli and the Syr

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The U.S.: Indispensable To Israeli-Syrian Peace

As the United States dispatches troops to Kosovo to keep the peace, it may soon have to answer yet another call to play a direct role in finding a solution to the Israeli-Syrian conflict. American troops along with other security arrangements will be needed, to resolve issues of paramount importance

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