Trump And Kim Jong Un – Sailing On Uncharted Waters

Artwork by Michael Anderson and Sam Ben-Meir The prospective meeting between President Trump and North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong Un would be historic, and regardless of the outcome it will have major implications for years to come. The conflict over North Korea’s nuclear arsenals and ballistic missiles is complex. It is driven by a mindset…

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Raising the Stakes

The administration may praise the UN resolution, arguing that even a weaker resolution strongly signals international condemnation. But since when has North Korea worried about international condemnation? The truth is that the sanctions will neither have an immediate nor a crippling effe

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Israel’s Option Of Last Resort

As the delegates of 189 countries meet at the United Nations in an effort to eliminate some loopholes in the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which allows nations technical openings to pursue nuclear weapons programs, Iran announced it will soon resume its uranium enrichment program. Although Unite

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Curbing Iran’s Nuclear Threat

Since the beginning of Mr. Bush’s first term, his administration has failed to pursue a coherent policy toward either Iran or North Korea to curb their appetite for developing nuclear weapons. The administration’s stubborn refusal to negotiate directly with North Korea finally pushed

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Behind North Korea’s Nuclear Brinkmanship

Without understanding the psychological disposition of North Korea’s leaders–how they view themselves and the world around them–the next administration, like the present one, will not reach any peaceful accord with Pyongyang and thus fail to permanently defuse the nuclear threat. North Ko

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Providing Extended Nuclear Deterrence

Now that the war in Iraq is over, the administration must refocus its attention on the next crisis spot, North Korea. Although the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains center stage, North Korea requires urgent attention. The dynamics are different, especially the nuclear threat must be

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North Korea: Facing The Shifting Political Wind

The crisis with North Korea affords us an opportunity not merely to restore our 1994 agreement with that nation–the Agreed Framework–but to initiate a new strategy that will eventually bring home our troops stationed in South Korea since 1951, and lead to the unification of th

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Two Years Of Foreign Policy Debacles

In his forthcoming State of the Union address to the joint session of the Congress, President Bush will undoubtedly boast about his administration's achievements during the past two years. But, try as he may to put the best possible spin on a number of major foreign policy issues

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A War We Must Win, But How?

That we must win the war against international terrorism cannot and must not be in doubt. The problem is that after fourteen months of waging such a war we are almost as vulnerable as we were before September 11th according to a report sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations and pr

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