Biden’s Inadvertent Contribution To The Unfolding Horror In Gaza

With the best of intentions, President Biden allowed his unwavering commitment to Israel’s security to not only prolong the tragically horrific war in Gaza and severely taint America’s international moral standing, but also potentially miss a historic opportunity to help bring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to a close I share the overall view of the 12…

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Netanyahu Is Israel’s Most Dangerous Enemy

None of Israel’s enemies pose a greater danger to Israel than Netanyahu and his messianic government. I make the case against him based on his policies, actions, and public statements, which consistently and unequivocally demonstrate that he alone is responsible for the perilous state of affairs in which Israel finds itself today Never in Israel’s…

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Gantz’s Resignation Will Have Serious Implications On The War

The leader of the National Unity party, Gantz, who resigned from the war cabinet, may well force Netanyahu’s hand to make a decision that he has avoided for months. He must decide who will govern Gaza ‘The Day After,’ following the end of hostilities, and what role, if any, Hamas will play The resignation of…

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Accusing Israel Of Genocide Is Factually Wrong

The Israel-Hamas war, which was precipitated by Hamas’ savage attack on Israel, has tragically inflicted massive death and destruction on the Palestinians in Gaza. Although Israel’s retaliation is deemed disproportionate to the number of Israelis slaughtered by Hamas, Israel’s onslaught on Gaza should not be sinisterly classified as an act of genocide I condemn in…

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Netanyahu Must Abandon Blind Ideology And Face Reality

Netanyahu remains elusive about the endgame in Gaza but time is closing in on him. He has a solemn obligation to tell his fellow citizens what will be the fate of Gaza once the war is over and what his plans are for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Hamas’ October 2023 attack and Israel’s…

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How Netanyahu Made The Creation Of A Palestinian State Irreversible

It is ironic how Prime Minister Netanyahu, who vehemently opposed the establishment of a Palestinian state, made it all but irreversible because of his misguided policies and extreme ideological bent. The way he conducted the Gaza war has not only sealed the prospect of a Palestinian state but his political demise The recent recognition of…

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Can Erdogan Shed His Duplicity And Do Something Right?

Turkey’s President Erdogan could have emerged from the Israel-Hamas war as a peacemaker. Instead, being absorbed by fake piety, hypocrisy, and folly, he chose to fan the flames of the horrific war, further poisoning the atmosphere and intensifying the hostility and hatred between Israel and the Palestinians. Can Erdogan shed his hypocrisy and play a…

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Netanyahu Is Unfit To Serve; He Must Resign Now

Netanyahu is writing and directing Israel’s darkest chapter. Each day he remains in power, he is preventing an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, dangerously eroding its moral standing while making the country a pariah state that lives by the sword Since Hamas’ savagery of 1,200 innocent Israelis on October 7, one thing became abundantly clear….

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