Netanyahu’s Dismal Failure To Guard Israel-Arab Relations

This article was originally published in CNN Arabic Repulsive statements recently made by Israel’s finance minister demonstrate how corrupt and irresponsible the Netanyahu government is and the damage that it has inflicted on Israel. This damage will endure as long as this extremist nationalist and messianic government remains in power. The recent reprehensible statement made…

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Seventy-Three Years Of Deadly Illusions

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will never be settled through violence. Both sides must wake up and decide whether to chart a new path leading to a mutually gratifying peace or continue a self-consuming conflict that leaves nothing but equally shattered people living in constant horror and fear Righting the Wrong The ongoing, bloody Israeli-Palestinian conflagration offers…

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Normalization Alone Is Not A Path For Israeli-Palestinian Peace

The normalization of relations between Israel and Sudan is another step forward toward the establishment of a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace. This development, following the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain, is extremely important, as any peaceful solution between adversaries that reduces the chances of violent conflict and promotes peace should be…

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Time Is Running Out For The Palestinians

The Palestinians cannot afford to miss yet another opportunity, which may well be their last. I am addressing this article to the Palestinian Authority with a warning—having missed so many opportunities in the past to settle their conflict with Israel, it has now reached a point of no return. The mutual recognition between the UAE…

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Do Not Squander The Last Vestiges Of A Fading Opportunity

Dear President Abbas; I hope that this final appeal will awaken you to the reality that you can no longer ignore. Time has just about run out and your immediate decision to agree or refuse to enter into new peace negotiations with Israel will determine the future of your people for generations to come. They…

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The Last Chance For A Viable Two-State Solution

Notwithstanding what has been commonly discussed, if the Netanyahu government moves on its plan to annex nearly 30 percent of the West Bank, which will include the Jordan Valley and Israeli settlements, it would precipitate major adversarial repercussions for Israel. To begin with, violence between Israelis and Palestinians will substantially increase and potentially lead to…

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Is A War Between Israel And Iran/Hezbollah Imminent?

Artwork by Michael Anderson and Sam Ben-Meir The recent violation of Israel’s air space by an Iranian drone and Israel’s retaliation against Syrian and Iranian targets prompted many observers to suggest that the growing regional tension resulting from such incidents may precipitate a war between Israel and Iran/Hezbollah, and perhaps inadvertently with Syria as well….

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Trump And Netanyahu: Embracing Illusions, Ignoring Reality

President Trump remained true to his customary flip-flopping on just about every issue when he stated during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu that he is “looking at two-state and one-state, and I like the one that both parties like… I can live with either one.” By stating so, Trump gave Netanyahu what…

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Ensuring The Success Of The French Initiative

Recent developments in connection with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict demonstrated the huge gap between the Israeli government and the international community’s position about the settlements in the occupied territories and the prospect of a two-state solution. United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, followed by Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech condemning the Israeli settlements and characterizing…

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