Why Are We Hated?

The question that has been asked most frequently in the wake of the horrific terrorist attack of September 11 is why America is hated so intensely, so much so that individuals are motivated to kill indiscriminately and in the process die without hesitation. A number of reasons can provide the "

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We Must Deal With The Root Causes Of Terrorism

Striking back at Osama bin Laden and other terrorist organizations in Afghanistan and destroying, to the extent we can, their training facilities and infrastructure are necessary for two reasons. First, the perpetrators of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks must be punished for their horrif

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How Can America Emerge A Better And Stronger Nation?

Our historical experiences and the increasing pervasiveness and sophistication of terrorist organizations make it abundantly clear that the solution to international terrorism is far from simple. The war against terrorism will be long, protracted and costly both in terms of human lives and materials

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A War We Must Win

Not since Pearl Harbor has America absorbed such a devastating surprise attack. The dimension of the coordinated terrorist act that obliterated the World Trade Center and severely damaged the Pentagon while leaving an unbelievable trail of death and destruction may finally awaken the United Stat

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Change The Dynamic Of The Conflict

With the Israeli-Palestinian conflict spinning out of control, the usual efforts to resume substantive talks, including cease fires, cooling-off periods and confidence-building measures will no longer work. A new and dramatic element must now be introduced into the conflict to change its dynamic an

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Israel Must Act Unilaterally If It Must

What if Israel's Prime Minster Sharon gets his wish and the Palestinians deliver a full week without violence, followed by A six-week cooling-off period? Even if, finally, political negotiation then resumes, it will still be only a matter of time before a new wave of violence erupts. Why? Becaus

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How To Restart Peace Talks

Major negotiating blunders at Camp David last summer by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat led to the current, disastrous Israeli-Palestinian violence.

Now Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's “negotiating'' posture further diminishes

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Peace With Syria First

By any Israeli geopolitical and strategic configuration, Syria remains the key to a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace. No one understands this premise better that Prime Minister Sharon.

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