An Open Letter To Yasir Arafat

Dear Mr. Arafat:

Time has grown short, and you must now face this inevitable crossroad: Either cling to the vestiges of your power at any cost and thus torpedo any timely prospect of a solution to your people's plight, or bow out gracefully and be remembered as the hero who has est

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Martyrdom, Murder, Or Madness

While suicide bombings are extolled by most Palestinians as the ultimate expression of martyrdom and national pride, they have forced the Israelis, induced by the instinct to defend themselves by whatever means available at their disposal, to counterattack. The result is a tragically deepening ga

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It Is The President’s Call

The flurry of diplomatic activity involving Israel, the Palestinians, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and the European Union in the search for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will soon compel the United States to take a more definitive stand. Whereas all players speak of th

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Who Will Be The Next Israeli Prime Minster And Why?

The next Israeli elections, like previous ones , may be greatly influenced by the Palestinians' conduct on the ground, especially by the level of violence against Israel. Under the best of circumstances, the Sharon government in its present composition will not last beyond the end of this yea

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Who Will Succeed Arafat And Why?

For all intents and purposes Yasir Arafat is Mr. Palestine, he has been the symbol, the substance, the servant and the savior of the Palestinian national movement. His time in power, however, although it may not be numbered in days or months, will certainly last no more than a year or two. Who

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It Is Not Up To The Likud Party

t is not up to the Likud Party or any other political party in Israel to decide whether or not a Palestinian state should be created. The eventual establishment of a Palestinian state has been and will continue to be the Palestinians' national right. Opposing it in principle is at best arrog

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Pressing Ahead With The Changing Dynamic In The Mideast

The Bush administration's call for an international conference on the Middle East this Summer was precipitated by the convergence of events that has dramatically changed the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The proposed conference can make important progress toward peace

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The Palestinians’ Disastrous Miscalculation

By believing that they could force Israel out of the West Bank through violence as Hizbullah presumably had forced Israel to evacuate Southern Lebanon, the Palestinian leadership have made a disastrous mistake. Their equating Southern Lebanon with the West Bank has given the Palestinian public

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Guilty Of Perpetuating The Palestinians’ Plight

From the birth of Israel in 1948 to this day, no individual entity, group or state has undermined the Palestinian cause and perpetuated their plight more than the Arab states collectively. It remains up to the Arab leaders, especially those of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, to seek an end to th

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