Should Arafat Be Expelled?

The decision-in-principle by the Israeli security cabinet to expel Arafat, though fraught with tremendous risks, holds the promise for a dramatic change for the better in the peace process. But there is only one way Israel can possibly justify this action to the Palestinians and the global

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Commemorating 9/11 With Trepidation

Two years later, the shock from the 9/11 terrorist attack is still with us as is the memory of those who perished that day. We owe great debt to the men and women who have worked since then so tirelessly to prevent future attacks. Yet most of us remain anxious. As we go about our daily routi

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Sealing Their Own Fate

The suicide bombing that killed 21 Israelis in Jerusalem on August 19th may have sealed the fate of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. For the first time since the eruption of the second Intifadah nearly three years ago, the United States, Israel, and a key element of the Palestinian Authority led b

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Negotiating At Cross-Purposes

The latest two suicide bombings in Israel proper and in the West Bank not only underscore the fragility of the two-month-old cease-fire but reveal how little progress has been made in the peace process since President Bush officially unveiled the Road Map. Despite the genuine desire of Prim

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Politicizing The War On Terrorism

For every Al Qaeda terrorist captured or killed, scores are being groomed to take over. According to people who read the 28 pages deleted from the publication of the Congressional report on 9/11, they stated, "There is compelling evidence that a foreign government provided direct suppor

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An Administration With No Scruples

Whereas the administration finds it now convenient to justify the war in Iraq as a humanitarian effort, it has not found the moral courage to prevent a human tragedy from engulfing the Liberian people. True to its own brand of duplicity, the administration has shown utter disregard for the h

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The Haunting Aftermath Of The War

It is time for the Bush administration to admit that it has dreadfully miscalculated the aftermath of the war in Iraq. As the debacle over our intelligence concerning Iraq's weapons of mass destruction used as the rationale and the justification for war becomes clearer, a bigger problem

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The Tragedy Of Conceding Under Fire

Sharon must never resume negotiations or make any concessions under fire. The most significant achievement emerging from the Israeli-Palestinian renewed contacts under our sponsorship of the road map is that the Palestinians may have finally concluded that violence has failed not only to

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Bush’s Weapons Of Mass Delusion

Try as he may, President Bush has failed to make a case for the necessity of a preemptive strike against Iraq. Whether we find weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the months or years to come is irrelevant, because the administration's central arguments for war were entirely based on the

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