Arab Spring And Revival Of Islamic State

Few Muslims would dispute the notion that Islam should guide their private as well as public lives, since the Quran and the Sunna – the tradition of Prophet Muhammad – which the two primary sources of Islam’s religious law, or Shari’a, provide instructions on virtually every aspect of life.

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Egypt And Israel: Within The Realm Of Possibilities

Over the past few weeks, Egypt and Israel have reached the lowest point in their relations in thirty years of peace. The attack in Eilat and Israel's killing of eight Egyptian policemen on the Sinai border led to a diplomatic blame game that was only exacerbated by the Egyptian mob attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo in early September.

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Supporting Netanyahu Imperils Israel

Regardless of all the protestations by Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu to return to peace negotiations if only the Palestinians would agree, one simple fact cannot be masked: Mr. Netanyahu does not want a two-state solution. He wants only to delay decision-making at all costs.

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Do Not Veto

There is still time for the United States to preempt the Palestinian bid for UN membership by introducing its own resolution at the United Nations Security Council

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Is This What The Revolution Was All About?

The great promises of the Egyptian revolution appear to be dissipating into a chaotic state of disorder, shattering the prospect of a new democratic and progressive Egypt serving as a model to the rest of the Arab world.

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Mutual Assured Self-Destructive Policies

No serious observer of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should have any doubt that both the Netanyahu government and the Palestinian Authority have been pursuing self-destructive policies during the past 30 months. President Obama's failure to persuade the Israelis and Palestinians to reengage i

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