Prisoners of The Past–Part II

Intellectuals have traditionally forged ahead as a force of social and political change, rejecting the oversimplifications, empty slogans, and sweeping generalizations that are the domain of the propagandist. Intellectuals act as the surveyors of past and present generations, and through clear th

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Democratic Reform Without Upheaval

Although democratic reforms in the Arab and Muslim worlds are a critical element, among several others, in combating terrorism, the question is: How can the United States promote democracy in these countries without precipitating political and social upheaval?

It appears that 9/11 was the

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Losing Sight Of The Big Picture

While the United States should encourage democratic reforms in the Middle East, the Bush administration must not overestimate the "democratic surge sweeping the region" and so lose sight of the social, political, and religious realities that will ultimately effect meaningful reform. The

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Between Desperation And Faint Hope

We are soon approaching the fourth anniversary of the second Intifadah, so perhaps it is a good time to take stock of what has happened since that infamous day in September 2000, when the first Israelis and Palestinians were killed. Their deaths signaled the beginning of the destruction and despa

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Defeating Terrorism – Introduction

This is the introduction to a major essay on Defeating International Terrorism to be published in a series of 10 weekly segments starting June 13.

We are at a new crossroads in our campaign against international terrorism. Looking at the balance sheet of our successes and failur

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Israeli-Syrian Peace Possible And Timely

Peace between Israel and Syria is now more possible than ever because of two factors: One is that most of the issues separating the two adversaries were resolved during their peace negotiations in 2000. The second is that both sides and the United States–whose role remains critical–need a

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The Core Condition For Israeli-Palestinian Peace

The right to their ancient homeland may seem like the most natural right in the world to every Jew whether they live inside or outside Israel. But if Jews everywhere take this right for granted, it is obviously not accepted by a significant segment of the Palestinian community, especially e

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Road Map To Nowhere

After more than two years of strategic neglect that brought the Israelis and Palestinians to the brink of disaster, President Bush, under intense pressure from his staunch ally, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and many Arab heads-of-state decided to advance his ideas about a road map

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Guilty Of Perpetuating The Palestinians’ Plight

From the birth of Israel in 1948 to this day, no individual entity, group or state has undermined the Palestinian cause and perpetuated their plight more than the Arab states collectively. It remains up to the Arab leaders, especially those of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, to seek an end to th

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