Kurti’s Momentous Opportunity To Transform Kosovo

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Kurti stands an excellent chance of succeeding to make Kosovo a model of progressive democracy, advanced economy, and social equality that no other Balkan state can rival. The question is, will he and what would it take? Righting the Wrong Prime Minister Kurti came to power fortified by a landslide victory that…

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Serbia’s Illusion Of Reversing Kosovo’s Independence

Serbia seems to enjoy the illusion that Kosovo is still a Serbian province, despite the fact that Kosovo’s independence is an unshakable reality Righting the wrong Now may be the opportune time for Serbia to reconcile its past unspeakable atrocities against the Albanian Kosovars. The sooner Belgrade comes to terms with its past, the sooner…

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Erdogan’s Calamitous Authoritarianism

Turkey’s President Erdogan is becoming ever more dangerous as he continues to ravage his own country and destabilize scores of states in the Middle East, the Balkans, and North Africa, while cozying up to the West’s foremost adversaries. Sadly, there seems to be no appetite for most EU member states to challenge Erdogan and put…

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Serbia-Kosovo Agreement Falls Far Short Of Ending Their Conflict

The recent agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, brokered by the US, to normalize economic relations between the two countries fell short of the needed reconciliation process that would lead to full recognition of Kosovo’s independence by Serbia. Some elements of the economic normalization agreement are positive, including operationalizing the peace highway and the rail link…

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A Portrait Of A Ruthless Dictator

Turkey is a country that has unlimited potential, vast human and natural resources, and cultural riches that could rival any developed country in just about every walk of life. But Turkey’s President Erdogan has squandered it all by putting his self-interest and blind ambition before the country. His legacy will be of one who lost…

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Can The New Government Change Kosovo’s Fortunes?

By Alon Ben-Meir and Arbana Xharra There is a new political day dawning in Kosovo—the newest, but a troubled country in Europe. The last 20 years were marred by bad governance, high unemployment, and pervasive corruption in and outside the government. Those who once bravely fought for the country’s freedom failed to secure a functioning…

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Insidious Discrimination Against The Roma Is Europe’s Shame

By Alon Ben-Meir and Arbana Xharra Two weeks ago, a 29-year-old Roma woman was physically attacked in the middle of the day in Kosovo, after a false accusation spread that the victim had been kidnaping children. Social media provided a platform for hate speeches and misleading information, which often precipitates violence against innocent Roma people….

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Modernity And Civilization Offer No Shield Against Future Genocide

Artwork by Michael Anderson and Sam Ben-Meir The phenomenon of genocide has baffled historians for many generations. The question that has been and continues to be asked is what goes through the minds of leaders, however despotic and ruthless, to conclude that committing genocide against their real or perceived enemies will provide them with salvation…

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To Prevent Brain Drain, Kosovo Must Eradicate Corruption

Alon Ben-Meir and Arbana Xharra On the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the end of Kosovo war, the country is facing a dramatic large-scale brain drain. Every day, young professionals wait in long lines in front of EU embassies to apply for visas to legally leave Kosovo in the search for job opportunities and…

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