A Tragic Strategy

No issue has complicated and frustrated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as has the problem of the Palestinian refugees and the question of their right of return. Unlike other critical issues that have obfuscated the conflict, such as the future of Jerusalem or the disposition of the settlem

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Politicizing The War On Terrorism

For every Al Qaeda terrorist captured or killed, scores are being groomed to take over. According to people who read the 28 pages deleted from the publication of the Congressional report on 9/11, they stated, "There is compelling evidence that a foreign government provided direct suppor

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September 11 Left The Arab World Scared And Confused

The Arab world will probably never be the same as it was before September 11th. The question is what kind of changes will we witness? Will they be the type of changes geared toward meeting public yearnings for human rights, freedoms, better social and economic conditions and personal security or will they be cosmetic and therefore only intensify the social and political discontent leading to political instability and escalating violence.

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The War on Terrorism and The Palestinian Question

The question that has been much talked about in recent weeks is whether there is or there should be any connection between the war on terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Those who claim there is no linkage are simply wrong. If a direct linkage did not exist before September 11th, it does now.

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Peace With Syria First

By any Israeli geopolitical and strategic configuration, Syria remains the key to a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace. No one understands this premise better that Prime Minister Sharon.

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Images of Reconciliation

Acting Prime Minister Peres was correct when he said Labor would be making a grave mistake in stalling peace talks with Syria while campaigning in the elections. Syria's Foreign Minister Shara responded in kind, stating that "Syria is ready for the achievement of a breakthrough in the negotiations."

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Opportunities and Dangers for the Mideast Peace Process

The people of the Middle East, Jews and Arabs alike, will remember 1993 as a historic turning point in their long, agonizing struggle. The year 1994 will test the limits of Israeli and Arab perseverance and challenge the leaders to advance creative solutions that defy rejectionism and fanaticism. This year holds both the prospect for great new achievements and the potential for disastrous failure.

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Israel and Syria Search For Peace

Exchanging territory for peace has not always provided the basis for Israeli-Syrian peace negotiations. In fact, for more than two decades Syria has demanded Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights without offering peace in return, and Israel has sought full peace with Syria without ceding the entire Golan. Both parties have accepted the principle for exchanging territory for peace based on UN Resolution 242, but how much territory for what kind of peace remains at an impasse. Since Israel captured the Golan in 1967, both Labor and Likud-led governments have defined the Golan as strategically critical to Israeli defense.

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