The U.S.: Indispensable To Israeli-Syrian Peace

As the United States dispatches troops to Kosovo to keep the peace, it may soon have to answer yet another call to play a direct role in finding a solution to the Israeli-Syrian conflict. American troops along with other security arrangements will be needed, to resolve issues of paramount importance

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The Case For Trading The Golan For Peace

There may be a first real opportunity in 50 years for Israel and Syria to make peace. But this historic opportunity could be lost because of fierce resistance to a full withdrawal from the Golan Heights led by the Israeli opposition parties and parties within Barak's own coalition government. Th

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The United States Must Seek A Solution To The Kurdish Plight

The United States should develop a long-term strategy to solve the overall Kurdish problem not only because it is the right thing to do, but also to prevent an otherwise inevitable Middle East ethnic explosion.

The capture and sentencing of Abdullah Ocalan offers an unprecedented opportunity to

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Containing Iran Undermines Our Interests

Much has changed since the Iran revolution in 1979, but we have failed to change with time. Continuing our policy of containment and sanctions against Iran, not only undermines our strategic interests in the Gulf, it strains our relationship with our allies inside and outside the region.


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Inspections Rather Than Maintaining Sanctions

Economic sanctions against Iraq are no longer working. It is time for the United States to agree to replace them with a new strategy that will rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein, alleviate the suffering of the Iraqi people, and bolster our strategic interests in the Gulf.

The danger of having no United

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