Iraq’s Failed Policy

Try as it may to put the best face on it, the American intelligence agencies' assessment of global terrorism trends is damning the Bush administration in whichever way we look at it. In many ways the report stated the obvious: The Iraq war has contributed directly to the rise of Islamic radicalism and the diffusion of the Jihad ideology globally…

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A Region In Turmoil

For the more than two decades that I have been involved, directly and indirectly, in Middle-Eastern negotiations and, at the same time, in my research and analysis of the region’s trials, never have I witnessed such turmoil. At present, nearly every nation there is embroiled in an internal conflict that is shaking not simply…

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Futile Debate

In the recent U.S. Senate debate over a timeframe for troop withdrawal from Iraq, both sides of the aisle seem to have missed the point. Neither the Republicans’ “stay the course” approach nor Senator John Kerry’s proposal to establish a specific time-table addresse

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Deadly Illusions

Tragically, the Bush administration has been engaged in a deadly game in Iraq from the day of the invasion more than three years ago. It has broken Iraq into pieces and now is trying, hopelessly, to recast it in its own image. Assisted by a healthy dose of arrogance, a combination of tragi

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We Are All Patriots

No one has a lock on patriotism. This, however, has not stopped the administration from using it as a whip to lash out at the integrity of those who disagree with its disastrous and, by now, senseless war in Iraq. Yet the truth is that those who are against or in favor of a troop withdrawa

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Constitution By Decree

The failure to complete the new Iraqi constitution by the August 15th deadline should have been foreseen by the Bush administration. Notorious for establishing arbitrary datelines, the White House has never quite understood the social, political, religious, and traditional dynamics of Iraq

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Iraq’s Insurgents: No Military Solution

Notwithstanding the fact that the insurgents do not have a unified strategy, they share many common interests that allow them to operate purposefully and with deadly efficiency. They are embedded in sympathetic Sunni communities that strongly support their activities. They are highly motivated be

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Israel’s Option Of Last Resort

As the delegates of 189 countries meet at the United Nations in an effort to eliminate some loopholes in the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which allows nations technical openings to pursue nuclear weapons programs, Iran announced it will soon resume its uranium enrichment program. Although Unite

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The Unintended Consequences Of Iraq’s Election

Although the elections in Iraq have given the Iraqi people a reason to hope that a better and more secure future lies ahead, how will this historic event unfold in months and years to come remains to be seen. Considering the repeated mishaps and miscalculations of the Bush administration before,

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