Misguided And Perilous Strategy

The disproportionate efforts, resources, and time that the preparation for war with Iraq are exacting from the administration, have undermined other critical issues, such as the war on terrorism, dealing effectively with other rogue nations, and fixing what's wrong with the nat

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Waging Peace While We Wage War

Although we must be relentless in waging war against terrorism and spare no efforts or resources to win, we must simultaneously wage peace in other parts of the globe with the same tenacity and commitment. Indeed, regardless of how much in resources and political will we can muster to er

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The Samson Solution

Will Saddam Hussein opt for the Samson solution? Based on what we know about Iraq's president, he will for now accept the U.N. Security Council resolution demanding the return of weapons inspectors and a restricted timetable for him to comply ful

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A War We Must Win, But How?

That we must win the war against international terrorism cannot and must not be in doubt. The problem is that after fourteen months of waging such a war we are almost as vulnerable as we were before September 11th according to a report sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations and pr

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Behind Mr. Bush’s Fixation On Saddam

An increasingly growing number of Americans are perplexed about why President Bush is so fixated on Saddam Hussein, especially since the so-called imminent danger posed by the Iraqi despot does not appear to be so imminent. Try as they may to justify the rush toward war to dislodge the

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Why Is Sharon So Fixated On Arafat?

I am tempted to draw an analogy between President Bush's fixation on Saddam Hussein and Prime Minister Sharon's on Chairman Arafat. Mr. Bush and Mr. Sharon believe that the focus of their respective obsessive attention is evil, engaged in, and supportive of terrorism. They also

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As War Becomes Imminent

It is becoming increasingly apparent that a war to oust Saddam Hussein from power is now only a matter of time. Vice President Cheney, in a speech in Nashville to the convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, showed–obviously with the President's approval– that he has, in fact,

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Moral Clarity In The War On Terrorism

Just think: One stateless man, Osama Bin-Laden, has affected our national security, defense, and strategic thinking equally, if not more so, than the former Soviet Union, which had tens of thousands of nuclear missiles targeted against us. Throughout the Cold War, we kept the Soviet Union in

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An Open Letter To Yasir Arafat

Dear Mr. Arafat:

Time has grown short, and you must now face this inevitable crossroad: Either cling to the vestiges of your power at any cost and thus torpedo any timely prospect of a solution to your people's plight, or bow out gracefully and be remembered as the hero who has est

July 10, 2002 Read more
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