For The US And Iran, War Is Not An Option

Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, or Iran deal) was sadly based on a lack of understanding of its importance and potential contribution to a future nuclear-free zone in the Middle East. Even without knowing the nuances of the deal, Trump’s decision to withdraw from it was based on…

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The Disgraceful President And The Contemptible Prime Minister

Much has been said and written about Trump’s disgraceful pointed “advice” to Prime Minister Netanyahu not to allow two duly elected Muslim Democrat congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, to enter Israel. Netanyahu, like a poodle, simply obeys his master’s command without as much as giving it a second thought, while ignoring the far-reaching implications…

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Not Acting On Climate Crisis Is At Our Peril

Climate change is real and is visible for all to see. The scientific evidence is overwhelming, and denying that climate change is already upon us, especially as the president and his party does, flies in the face of the indisputably dire consequences that will be inflicted on all humanity. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s…

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Trump’s Embrace Of White Supremacy Is Poisoning America’s Soul

Within 13 hours, two mass shooting took place—in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio—killing 31 innocent people and injuring twice as many. We normally hear about these horrifying incidents, express sorrow and bewilderment, talk about gun control, and move on. Politicians, including Trump, dispatch their old and tired expressions of condolences and offer prayers to…

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The Stakes Have Never Been Higher In Israel’s Elections

By Shabtai Shavit and Alon Ben-Meir As Israel prepares for the parliamentary election in September, its second in five months, most national security experts, politically savvy individuals, and academics suggest that this election may well be the most critical since the year 2000. Since that time, the geopolitics and regional security have changed dramatically, which…

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Albania’s Self-Consuming Corruption Undermining Path To EU Accession

By Alon Ben-Meir and Arbana Xharra At a time when Albania was expected to make significant progress in its accession talks with the European Union (EU), some member states are unwilling to support the negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia. France in particular argued that the EU must deepen integration among existing members and reform…

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Insidious Discrimination Against The Roma Is Europe’s Shame

By Alon Ben-Meir and Arbana Xharra Two weeks ago, a 29-year-old Roma woman was physically attacked in the middle of the day in Kosovo, after a false accusation spread that the victim had been kidnaping children. Social media provided a platform for hate speeches and misleading information, which often precipitates violence against innocent Roma people….

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Modernity And Civilization Offer No Shield Against Future Genocide

Artwork by Michael Anderson and Sam Ben-Meir The phenomenon of genocide has baffled historians for many generations. The question that has been and continues to be asked is what goes through the minds of leaders, however despotic and ruthless, to conclude that committing genocide against their real or perceived enemies will provide them with salvation…

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Trump Must Never Listen To The Warmonger Bolton

Artwork by Michael Anderson and Sam Ben-Meir Waging a war against Iran, or even thinking of doing so, is sheer madness. Trump has thus far wisely rejected the warmonger National Security Advisor John Bolton’s outrageous advice. Waging another war in the Mideast, this time against Iran, would have not only disastrous consequences for the US…

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