Hamas’s Choice

Hamas must sooner than later decide whether it wants to genuinely join the political process and become a positive political force in Palestinian lives or continue the violent struggle against Israel and destroy itself in the process. This, ultimately, is the choice because sooner than the

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What The West Still Doesn’t Get

The recent suicide bombings in London stunned not only the British but people in other European counties and elsewhere. I, for one, perhaps like many other observers who have followed how al Qaida has evolved since its defeat in Afghanistan, was not in the least surprised. Among other impo

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Be Careful Of What You Wish For

However admirable the Bush administration's efforts to spread democracy, especially in the Middle East, these efforts appear hollow and hypocritical as long as the White House refuses to accept the outcome of free elections when they don't turn out to its liking. It is high time for the Bush

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The Sadat Option

Right at the beginning of Mr's Bush's first term, the administration declared its intent to review U.S. policy toward North Korea (DPRK) and suspended future talks until the review was completed. The policy review was conceived in an atmosphere of rejection, in principle, of the Clinton a

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Israel’s Option Of Last Resort

As the delegates of 189 countries meet at the United Nations in an effort to eliminate some loopholes in the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which allows nations technical openings to pursue nuclear weapons programs, Iran announced it will soon resume its uranium enrichment program. Although Unite

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Hating America: A Threat To National Security

Nearly four years have passed since 9/11 and yet hatred toward America, especially in the Muslim and Arab world has intensified, so much so that tens of thousands, propelled by these feelings, are not just motivated to kill indiscriminately but die without hesitation. A number of reasons can prov

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A National Travesty

For the United States not to urgently adopt a sound energy-independence policy would be tantamount to a national travesty. The increasing dependence on oil does not simply undermine America’s economic health, it could seriously threaten national security. There is no greater legacy that Pre

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Democratic Reform Without Upheaval

Although democratic reforms in the Arab and Muslim worlds are a critical element, among several others, in combating terrorism, the question is: How can the United States promote democracy in these countries without precipitating political and social upheaval?

It appears that 9/11 was the

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Prisoners Of The Past

Despite the political changes sweeping the Middle East for better or worse, Arab intellectuals both inside and outside the region remain entrenched in their old anti-Israeli and anti-American positions. They seem to derive comfort from living in the illusions of the past, rather than face the cha

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