Losing Sight Of The Big Picture

While the United States should encourage democratic reforms in the Middle East, the Bush administration must not overestimate the "democratic surge sweeping the region" and so lose sight of the social, political, and religious realities that will ultimately effect meaningful reform. The

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The War On Terrorism-What War?

Three and a half years after the Bush administration declared war against terrorism and the spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), I am not sure that I feel any safer than I did before 9/11. While administration officials continue to insist that we are making considerable progress, intellig

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Curbing Iran’s Nuclear Threat

Since the beginning of Mr. Bush’s first term, his administration has failed to pursue a coherent policy toward either Iran or North Korea to curb their appetite for developing nuclear weapons. The administration’s stubborn refusal to negotiate directly with North Korea finally pushed

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Changing The Peace-Making Dynamic

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the death of Arafat has altered the dynamic between Israelis and Palestinians, creating a real opportunity for achieving an interim agreement and perhaps in a few years a final accord. How long this opportunity will last and what it will take to make serio

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The Unintended Consequences Of Iraq’s Election

Although the elections in Iraq have given the Iraqi people a reason to hope that a better and more secure future lies ahead, how will this historic event unfold in months and years to come remains to be seen. Considering the repeated mishaps and miscalculations of the Bush administration before,

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The War In Iraq – A Year Later

Not much to show for nearly 600 American soldiers killed, thousands more injured, and over $150 billion spent. As the first anniversary of the Iraq war approaches, the Bush administration will doubtless boast about our great achievement in liberating the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein and

December 12, 2004 Read more

A Legacy Of Violence And The Path To Peace

The passing of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasir Arafat will dramatically change the political dynamic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, providing a fresh opening for the resumption of the peace talks. The question is whether the United States, Israel, and the newly emerging Palestinian lea

November 9, 2004 Read more

Defusing Iran’s “Nuclear Weapons”

For the United States to restrain Iran from pursuing a nuclear program will require a multi-pronged approach that can, over time, diminish Iran's strategic ambitions to obtain nuclear weapons or neutralize such weapons should it, nevertheless, acquire them. The continuation of Bush administra

October 10, 2004 Read more

The Intifadah: Four Years Later

As the fourth anniversary of the second Intifadah has come and gone, perhaps it is a good time to survey what has happened since that infamous day in September 2000, when the first Israeli and the first Palestinian were killed. Their deaths signaled the beginning of the destruction and despair th

September 24, 2004 Read more
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