Defeating Terrorism 2

To prevent a new catastrophic terrorist attack and ultimately defeat terrorism, the next administration must develop a comprehensive strategy comprised of 10 distinct domestic and international policy agendas which must be acted on simultaneously. The following is the second of the 10 policy agen

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Defeating Terrorism 1

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Terrorism

The new administration must sooner than later come to grips with the inescapable fact that there is both a direct and indirect connection between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and international terrorism. While a resolution to this conflict

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Defeating Terrorism – Introduction

This is the introduction to a major essay on Defeating International Terrorism to be published in a series of 10 weekly segments starting June 13.

We are at a new crossroads in our campaign against international terrorism. Looking at the balance sheet of our successes and failur

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Why Is CIA Director Tenet Still There?

I have no doubt that CIA Director Tenet is an honorable man and every step he has taken in his professional capacity has been motivated by his utter commitment to our national security. And there is no doubt that he, too, relied on faulty intelligence estimates submitted by subordinates whom

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The President Has No Monopoly On National Security

If President Bush has succeeded in one thing of national import more than any other it's that he has created the perception that he is strong on security. In fact, he's prepared to stake his reelection on this claim. The irony is that even the Democratic presidential contenders have

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A Good Day For The Iraqi People, But . . . .

The administration has every reason to rejoice over the capture of Saddam Hussein. But we should not allow ourselves to be overjoyed because the situation in Iraq and the dangers that lie ahead will most probably make this event seem in retrospect a brief happy hour. This said, our men and w

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U.N. Trusteeship for Iraq

The decision by President Bush to speed up the transfer of power to an interim Iraqi government and formally end the American occupation by June 2004 will not put a stop to the insurgency. But it will certainly place at risk the chances for creating a free and democratic Iraq whose governmen

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The No-Fault Administration

Every time I hear that another of our soldiers has been killed in a violent attack by Iraqis resisting the occupation, I become, like many other Americans, extremely saddened. I expect and accept that some of our men and women will die while fighting for a worthy and well-defined cause. In

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Commemorating 9/11 With Trepidation

Two years later, the shock from the 9/11 terrorist attack is still with us as is the memory of those who perished that day. We owe great debt to the men and women who have worked since then so tirelessly to prevent future attacks. Yet most of us remain anxious. As we go about our daily routi

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