Politicizing The War On Terrorism

For every Al Qaeda terrorist captured or killed, scores are being groomed to take over. According to people who read the 28 pages deleted from the publication of the Congressional report on 9/11, they stated, "There is compelling evidence that a foreign government provided direct suppor

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The Haunting Aftermath Of The War

It is time for the Bush administration to admit that it has dreadfully miscalculated the aftermath of the war in Iraq. As the debacle over our intelligence concerning Iraq's weapons of mass destruction used as the rationale and the justification for war becomes clearer, a bigger problem

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Bush’s Weapons Of Mass Delusion

Try as he may, President Bush has failed to make a case for the necessity of a preemptive strike against Iraq. Whether we find weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the months or years to come is irrelevant, because the administration's central arguments for war were entirely based on the

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Providing Extended Nuclear Deterrence

Now that the war in Iraq is over, the administration must refocus its attention on the next crisis spot, North Korea. Although the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains center stage, North Korea requires urgent attention. The dynamics are different, especially the nuclear threat must be

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Will Syria Be Next?

The short answer is No. The long answer is that although on the surface there seem to be several similarities between Syria and Iraq, treating Syria as if it were just another stage in our war on terrorism, will be disastrous to our strategic interests in the Middle East and have a dangero

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Defeating Terrorism

This article is excerpted from the introduction of Alon Ben-Meir's new book, A War We Must Win, to be published this Summer.

We must defeat terrorism not only because we cannot tolerate the threat of terror as a way of life, but because, regardless of its source or cause,

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The Haunting Aftermath Of Victory

That the war with Iraq will end in a U.S. and British military victory, although with far greater difficulties than expected, is not in doubt. But that such a victory leads to the transformation of Iraq, and eventually the entire Middle East, into a sea of freedom and democracy, as Preside

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Road Map To Nowhere

After more than two years of strategic neglect that brought the Israelis and Palestinians to the brink of disaster, President Bush, under intense pressure from his staunch ally, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and many Arab heads-of-state decided to advance his ideas about a road map

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Patriotism And War

As the war against Iraq unfolds, Americans of all religious denominations, political affiliations, and races have rightfully rallied around the flag to express their unflinching support of our men and women in uniform fighting for a cause they believe in. The solidarity of support for our

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