The Folly of Israeli Settlements

For more than thirty years, successive Israeli governments, led by either Likud or the Labor party, have fallen prisoner to their own creations–the settlements in the West Bank and Gaza. When he was elected eighteen months ago with a mandate to make peace, it was hoped that Prime Minister Barak was

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Syria’s Turn

On the surface, the Camp David summit between President Clinton, Prime Minister Barak and Chairman Arafat failed to achieve its intended goal–a final peace agreeme

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Assad’s Legacy and its Impact on the Peace Process

The sudden death of Syria's President El-Asad has dramatically changed the political landscape in the Middle East. It has the potential to complicate the Syrian-Lebanese- Israeli conflict and further destabilize the region, or to create new opportunities for achieving a comprehensive Arab-Israel

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A New Status for Syria

When President Clinton meets with President Hafez Assad in Geneva mid-January, he should use the occasion to announce the removal of Syria from the State Department's list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

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Barak’s Rude Awakening

It is time for Prime Minister Barak to do some house cleaning if he wants to restore his credibility and achieve peace with Syria and the Palestinians with security and dignity. Sadly, it took the killing of seven Israeli soldiers and large scale of violence across Lebanese borders to rudely awaken

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Israel Should Unilaterally Withdraw From Lebanon

The violent flare-up across the Israeli-Lebanese border between the Irani-Syrian backed Party of God (Hizbullah) and Israeli forces, during the first half of February, may provide the impetus for a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon with or without Syrian agreement.

The violence which ha

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A Way Out of the Israeli-Syrian Impasse

The intensified violence between the Irani-backed Party of God (Hizbullah) and Israeli forces in southern Lebanon presents both Israel and Syria with two perspectives: a taste of the horror that will rain on the region should the peace process collapse, and a test for the political will necessary to

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The Final Requisites For A Syrian-Israeli Peace

"Full withdrawal for full peace" is an axiom that Israeli and Syrian leaders, along with a clear majority of their public, have long since they accepted. No Syrian leader can accept a partial Israeli withdrawal from the Golan in exchange for warm and normal peace, and no Israeli leader can

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