The American Tragedy

I am at a loss for words to describe my utter outrage, my excruciating pain, and my revulsion at yet another massacre in what has become an unending cycle of carnage wrought by guns. The perpetrators are not only the murderers themselves but the Republican members of Congress who enable them to commit such heinous…

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Beware America

I only echo the voices of thousands who sounded the alarm before me, but then again it cannot be said enough. America is facing unprecedented social and political peril. We must mobilize every resource humanly possible to prevent a catastrophe from happening before it is too late. Righting the Wrong Since Trump rose to power…

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Our Democracy Faces The Gravest Danger

Unless the Republicans and Democrats put the nation above their party and personal interests, our democracy will face the gravest danger in more than a hundred years. Authoritarianism will creep in, leading to the collapse of American political institutions and the demise of our democracy as we know it. Righting the Wrong On January 6,…

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America Faces A Fateful Crossroad In 2022

Righting the Wrong When my assistant handed me copy expressing my greetings and good wishes for 2022 for approval, I paused, thinking, “is that all I can say, just hope for a better, brighter new year?” How much happier and sunnier can next year be, when we still suffer from the deep scars and bleeding…

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Can The Retreat Of Democracy Be Reversed?

Righting the Wrong The Summit for Democracy that President Biden is spearheading in December, at which scores of countries will be in in attendance, is certainly timely and necessary. I do not expect revolutionary and immediate measures to be adopted at the summit to save democracies from their rapid erosion in so many countries. The…

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We Must Not Allow The Republicans To Destroy Our Basic Values

By Alon Ben-Meir and Sam Ben-Meir Righting the Wrong We have been criticizing the Republican leadership over many issues, beginning with the fact that they have systematically opposed any legislation advanced by Democrats that would better the lives of American people, from healthcare to housing, minimum wages, renewable energy, labor unions, and more. Making the…

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Biden’s Mideast Strategy And Its Geopolitical Implications

The Biden administration’s new Middle East strategy is forcing regional powers to reassess their geostrategic interests and act in a manner that might end several conflicts that have plagued the region Righting the wrong When Biden was running for president, he made it clear that if elected he would chart a new course in addressing…

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The Danger To Our Democracy Is The Republican Party

While I cheer Biden’s victory in the presidential election, I lament the state of the union Trump is leaving behind. Sadly, Biden’s victory has not been a repudiation of Trump, as he received more votes than any Republican candidate before him, which shocked millions of Americans. Why? Trump is a creature of our own making….

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I Want My American Dream Back

As a little Jewish boy in the streets of Baghdad I was looked upon by Arab boys my age as inferior. I became accustomed to it as if it were a natural phenomenon which I could do little to change. When my family and I landed in Israel following the historic exodus of the Iraqi…

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