The War In Iraq – A Year Later

Not much to show for nearly 600 American soldiers killed, thousands more injured, and over $150 billion spent. As the first anniversary of the Iraq war approaches, the Bush administration will doubtless boast about our great achievement in liberating the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein and

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A Legacy Of Violence And The Path To Peace

The passing of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasir Arafat will dramatically change the political dynamic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, providing a fresh opening for the resumption of the peace talks. The question is whether the United States, Israel, and the newly emerging Palestinian lea

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Behind North Korea’s Nuclear Brinkmanship

Without understanding the psychological disposition of North Korea’s leaders–how they view themselves and the world around them–the next administration, like the present one, will not reach any peaceful accord with Pyongyang and thus fail to permanently defuse the nuclear threat. North Ko

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Defusing Iran’s “Nuclear Weapons”

For the United States to restrain Iran from pursuing a nuclear program will require a multi-pronged approach that can, over time, diminish Iran's strategic ambitions to obtain nuclear weapons or neutralize such weapons should it, nevertheless, acquire them. The continuation of Bush administra

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Strategic Fault-Line In Combating Terrorism

Although terrorism is without exception reprehensible, as long as the United States and other powers, including Russia, continue to ignore its root causes, the prospects for diminishing and eventually eliminating it will remain practically nonexistent. Intelligence estimates originating in the Un

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The Intifadah: Four Years Later

As the fourth anniversary of the second Intifadah has come and gone, perhaps it is a good time to survey what has happened since that infamous day in September 2000, when the first Israeli and the first Palestinian were killed. Their deaths signaled the beginning of the destruction and despair th

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A Pyramid Of Disastrous Illusions

For the past eighteen months this administration has lied to the American people about the rationale for war in Iraq, and it has compounded these lies by providing misleading information to justify its actions, topping all this by disseminating the disastrous illusion of a rosy future for Iraq. B

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The Battle to Rebuild Trust

While the carnage in Israel and the occupied territories continued, (during the first week of September, twin suicide bombings and the inevitable retaliations by Israel, claimed the lives of nearly 40 Israelis and Palestinians), in Denver, Colorado, a conference of academics tried to sort out ways to rebuild trust between Israelis and Palestinians.

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Defeating Terrorism 5

New York, August 15, 2004 – – To prevent catastrophic attacks, and ultimately defeat terrorism, the next administration must develop a comprehensive strategy comprised of 10 distinct critical domestic and international policy agendas it needs to be act on simultaneously. The following is the fift

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