Netanyahu Is Unfit To Serve; He Must Resign Now

Netanyahu is writing and directing Israel’s darkest chapter. Each day he remains in power, he is preventing an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, dangerously eroding its moral standing while making the country a pariah state that lives by the sword Since Hamas’ savagery of 1,200 innocent Israelis on October 7, one thing became abundantly clear….

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Netanyahu Is Rendering Israel Morally Bankrupt

This article is a selection from my upcoming book, A Historic Point of Departure: Bringing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to a close and creating a new regional geopolitical order, set to be published in April 2024. Israel must uphold its moral values and make every effort to spare the lives of innocent Palestinians as it pursues…

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Netanyahu Must Go Before He Causes Further Irreversible Harm To Israel

Prime Minister Netanyahu is accused of betraying his oath of office, and the litany of his mishaps and acts of corruption make him a dangerous liability to Israel. He must leave office now before he inflicts further irreparable harm on top of the greatest tragedy that Israel has endured under his watch Regardless of how…

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The Current Netanyahu-Led Government Was Born In Sin

From the first day the current Netanyahu-led coalition government was formed, it was preoccupied with its corrupt domestic agenda and perilously intensified the conflict with the Palestinians, and prompted Hamas to commit the unfathomable savage butchery of 1,200 Israelis The unspeakable savagery that Hamas committed against innocent Israelis allowed the Israeli public, for the time…

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Israel-Hamas War Affirms The Indispensability Of A Two-State Solution

Unless Israel establishes an endgame strategy that will lead to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the war against Hamas will only be another brutal violent episode that will prepare the ground for the next conflagration engulfing the West Bank and potentially set the entire region on fire Whereas Israel’s stated goal from the…

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Israel Is On The Brink Of A Disaster. Will History Repeat Itself?

The battle over Israel’s democracy, if not its very soul, has been raging since the current Netanyahu government came to power seven months ago. The passage of the first round of ‘reforms’ has made an indelible crack in Israel’s democracy; if the public’s outcry to prevent further reforms fails, the country itself will forfeit its…

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An Occupying Power Cannot Be A Beacon Of Democracy

This article was originally published in CNN Arabic As Israel celebrates its 75th anniversary, every Israeli should remember that the occupation stains the country’s independence day and that Israel is not and will not be a true democracy as long as it remains an occupying power I couldn’t applaud and admire enough the hundreds of…

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Netanyahu’s Dismal Failure To Guard Israel-Arab Relations

This article was originally published in CNN Arabic Repulsive statements recently made by Israel’s finance minister demonstrate how corrupt and irresponsible the Netanyahu government is and the damage that it has inflicted on Israel. This damage will endure as long as this extremist nationalist and messianic government remains in power. The recent reprehensible statement made…

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