Misguided And Perilous Strategy

The disproportionate efforts, resources, and time that the preparation for war with Iraq are exacting from the administration, have undermined other critical issues, such as the war on terrorism, dealing effectively with other rogue nations, and fixing what's wrong with the nat

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A Land That Floweth With Milk And Honey

The deafening silence of Jewish and Islamic scholars and religious leaders in response to the tragic events have taken place over the past two years in the Middle East brings to mind, in a curious way, a biblical reference to the land of Canaan (present-day Israel, the West Bank, Ga

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Even The Stones Are Testament

Every time I travel to the Middle East and visit Israel, I take long walks around many of the historic sites in Jerusalem. Invariably, I end my excursions at the Temple Mount. There I linger, watching scores of Muslims and other visitors of all colors and creeds as they flock to the grea

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Waging Peace While We Wage War

Although we must be relentless in waging war against terrorism and spare no efforts or resources to win, we must simultaneously wage peace in other parts of the globe with the same tenacity and commitment. Indeed, regardless of how much in resources and political will we can muster to er

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A Strategy Of Retreat

President George W. Bush's road map to a Palestinian state has become, as soon as it was made public, partly outdated, partly impractical and it will soon be partly irrelevant if the relentless violence between Israel and the Palestinians does not end immediately. The only element that

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The Samson Solution

Will Saddam Hussein opt for the Samson solution? Based on what we know about Iraq's president, he will for now accept the U.N. Security Council resolution demanding the return of weapons inspectors and a restricted timetable for him to comply ful

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There Must Be A Better Alternative

Many questions have arisen since the collapse of Prime Minster Sharon's unity government: Will Mr. Sharon eventually opt for early elections? And if he persuades the ultra right-wing National Union Party to rejoin his government, how long will it last? Who will lead Labor, and for t

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A War We Must Win, But How?

That we must win the war against international terrorism cannot and must not be in doubt. The problem is that after fourteen months of waging such a war we are almost as vulnerable as we were before September 11th according to a report sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations and pr

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The Guardian Of International Security

With the revelation that North Korea is actively involved in developing nuclear weapons, the United States must take a much harder look at the whole issue of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and adopt a long-term and comprehensive strategy to deal with them.


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