A Good Day For The Iraqi People, But . . . .

The administration has every reason to rejoice over the capture of Saddam Hussein. But we should not allow ourselves to be overjoyed because the situation in Iraq and the dangers that lie ahead will most probably make this event seem in retrospect a brief happy hour. This said, our men and w

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The Last Option

The Israelis and the Palestinians are fast approaching the precipice. They must either choose to coexist in peace or ultimately face mutual destruction.

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U.N. Trusteeship for Iraq

The decision by President Bush to speed up the transfer of power to an interim Iraqi government and formally end the American occupation by June 2004 will not put a stop to the insurgency. But it will certainly place at risk the chances for creating a free and democratic Iraq whose governmen

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A Bold And Credible Vision

The mutually profound hatred and distrust permeating every level of Israeli and Palestinian life resulting from the heinous violence of the second Intifadah make it impossible for the two sides to resolve their conflict on their own. The United States remains the only nation with a vested i

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Demographic Reality And Coexistence

For the Israelis and Palestinians, demographic factors have from the start played a central role in their struggle not only for nationhood but for preserving their majority and national identity. From as early as the 1920s the knowledge that demographic factors would immensely influence the

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The Core Condition For Israeli-Palestinian Peace

The right to their ancient homeland may seem like the most natural right in the world to every Jew whether they live inside or outside Israel. But if Jews everywhere take this right for granted, it is obviously not accepted by a significant segment of the Palestinian community, especially e

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Changing The Dynamic

The strike at what Israel has characterized as a training camp for Palestinian militants near Damascus and the fact that the Bush administration condoned the attack (1) changes the dynamic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and 2) sends an ominous warning to Damascus to stop the flow of Sy

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A Tragic Strategy

No issue has complicated and frustrated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as has the problem of the Palestinian refugees and the question of their right of return. Unlike other critical issues that have obfuscated the conflict, such as the future of Jerusalem or the disposition of the settlem

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The No-Fault Administration

Every time I hear that another of our soldiers has been killed in a violent attack by Iraqis resisting the occupation, I become, like many other Americans, extremely saddened. I expect and accept that some of our men and women will die while fighting for a worthy and well-defined cause. In

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