Patriotism And War

As the war against Iraq unfolds, Americans of all religious denominations, political affiliations, and races have rightfully rallied around the flag to express their unflinching support of our men and women in uniform fighting for a cause they believe in. The solidarity of support for our

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The President’s Fateful Choice

President Bush's finest hour or his Achilles heel. In the next few days President Bush will make a final decision about war and peace; whichever way he decides will set off tremendous global tremors and may indeed be fateful in many other respects. If Mr. Bush is guided by his faith (as

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What A Mess!

I pray that the rosy picture of post-Saddam Iraq that President Bush painted in his February 26th speech to the American Enterprise Institute will come to pass, and none of the horrors war can precipitate will actually happen. I am afraid, though, that the president has engaged in too muc

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The Price Of Unilateralism

The Bush administration's decision to wage war against Iraq unilaterally under the cover of the so-called "coalition of the willing," that is, without the explicit approval of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has damaged, if not seriously crippled, the very institutions (the UN, and to a lesser extent, NATO) established to safeguard international security. In the aftermath of the war, the administration must reassess its developing posture of unilateralism not just to save these institutions from becoming completely irrelevant to international security but to safeguard our own national interests.

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Behind Bin Laden’s Message

We may very well be caught unprepared to deal with another terrorist attack because of our fixation on Iraq. Try as they may to link Al Qaeda to Iraq's President Saddam Hussein, administration officials have failed to make their case. Nothing in bin Laden's recent message establish

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The Big Charade

s it possible that in their eagerness to wage war on Iraq and oust President Saddam Hussein the U.S. and British governments are willing to resort to anything, however disingenuous, to make a case against the Iraqi leader? As unsettling as it may be, the answer is yes. Thus, two days ago, the Br

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Is War With Iraq Imminent?

Is war with Iraq imminent? The short answer is, yes; the long answer is that there is a small likelihood that war can be averted if one of the following scenarios materialize in a fairly short order:
In the first scenario, Saddam Hussein leaves Iraq for exile under conditions accept

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Sharon’s Last Opportunity

How Prime Minister Sharon will capitalize on his overwhelming victory in last Tuesday's parliamentary elections remains unclear, and Sharon himself may not know the answer. On the one hand, he would like to be remembered as the leader who brought peace to his people, yet, on the other,

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North Korea: Facing The Shifting Political Wind

The crisis with North Korea affords us an opportunity not merely to restore our 1994 agreement with that nation–the Agreed Framework–but to initiate a new strategy that will eventually bring home our troops stationed in South Korea since 1951, and lead to the unification of th

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