How Netanyahu Made The Creation Of A Palestinian State Irreversible

It is ironic how Prime Minister Netanyahu, who vehemently opposed the establishment of a Palestinian state, made it all but irreversible because of his misguided policies and extreme ideological bent. The way he conducted the Gaza war has not only sealed the prospect of a Palestinian state but his political demise The recent recognition of…

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Can Erdogan Shed His Duplicity And Do Something Right?

Turkey’s President Erdogan could have emerged from the Israel-Hamas war as a peacemaker. Instead, being absorbed by fake piety, hypocrisy, and folly, he chose to fan the flames of the horrific war, further poisoning the atmosphere and intensifying the hostility and hatred between Israel and the Palestinians. Can Erdogan shed his hypocrisy and play a…

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Why Israel Should Take Its Time To Retaliate Against Iran

Iran’s unprecedented aerial attack on Israel has upended the shadow war between the two countries and created new opportunities to contain Iran while creating a new regional alliance, which is the ultimate deterrent against Iran. Iran’s aerial attack on Israel in retaliation for the latter’s attack on the Iranian diplomatic mission in Syria that killed…

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Netanyahu Is Unfit To Serve; He Must Resign Now

Netanyahu is writing and directing Israel’s darkest chapter. Each day he remains in power, he is preventing an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, dangerously eroding its moral standing while making the country a pariah state that lives by the sword Since Hamas’ savagery of 1,200 innocent Israelis on October 7, one thing became abundantly clear….

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It’s Time To Hold Erdogan Accountable

It is time to hold Turkey’s President Erdogan accountable for his egregious human rights violations and defiance of NATO’s charter, which weakens the alliance and plays directly into the hands of Russia and China It is hard to fathom why, over the past eight years since the failed military coup in 2016 in particular, Erdogan…

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Creating A Strategic Alliance To Stop Iran In Its Tracks

We know enough about the Iranian regime’s fears and ambitions to stop it in its tracks by creating a crescent of allied states stretching from the Gulf to the Mediterranean without violent confrontations or war Since the Iranian revolution in 1979, the US has not developed a long-term strategy toward Iran but instead has made…

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Biden’s Balancing Act: Israel’s National Security Versus The Palestinians’ Humanitarian Crisis

Alon Ben-Meir · Biden's Balancing Act: Israel's National Security Versus the Palestinians' Humanitarian Crisis In recent weeks, the Biden administration has found itself facing a serious dilemma as to how to balance its commitment to Israel’s national security along with the humanitarian crisis facing the Palestinians in Gaza. Whereas the United States provides military aid…

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Netanyahu Is Rendering Israel Morally Bankrupt

This article is a selection from my upcoming book, A Historic Point of Departure: Bringing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to a close and creating a new regional geopolitical order, set to be published in April 2024. Israel must uphold its moral values and make every effort to spare the lives of innocent Palestinians as it pursues…

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Serbia’s Vučić Speaks Loudly But Carries A Small Stick

Prime Minister Kurti, who needs to maintain public calm, should not casually talk about a potential war against Serbia. This only heightens internal tension in Kosovo when there is no reason to assume that war will break out A couple of months ago, in an interview with Al Jazeera, Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti claimed…

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