Sharon Must Lead Or Quit

The Likud party's rejection of his disengagement plan represents both a political setback for Prime Minister Sharon and an opportunity for him to strengthen his standing within his party and among Israelis. If the Prime Minister is serious about his plan, as he has repeatedly asserted, t

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Sinclair Has Forfeited Its Rights

The decision by ABC to permit its veteran anchorman Ted Koppel to broadcast in a somber and respectful way the names and the photos of our fallen soldiers in Iraq was a wise and most timely decision for which ABC should be commended. The decision, however, by Sinclair Broadcast Group to bar

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A Disaster In The Making

I do not mean to be a prophet of doom, but as an Iraqi with some grasp of the psyche of a people who, tormented for so long, have throughout their history shown intense disdain for foreigners, I strongly suggest that the Bush administration reconsider its Iraqi policy. Iraq will not become a democratic state by a fatwa from Washington: "Thou shall become a democratic state by July 1." And the Iraqi people will not after that date be manipulated into enduring a government subservient to our whims. The Bush administration, thus far, has demonstrated utter ignorance about who the Iraqi people really are: their history, culture, tribal politics, and religious divergence have been brushed aside. Policies that continue to be based on ignorance will sow the seeds of disaster.

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Never Missed An Opportunity To Miss An Opportunity

Prime Minister Sharon's plan, backed by President Bush, to withdraw from all of Gaza and part of the West Bank, certainly falls short of what the Palestinians seek. Even so, the Palestinian Authority (PA) must capitalize on Mr. Sharon's plan.

Israel's late foreign mi

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Energy Independence And Terrorism

In all probability, neither the first Gulf war in 1991, nor the war in Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein, would have occurred had it not been for our continued dependence on Middle-Eastern oil. Time and again, we have placed our men and women in uniform in harm's way and spent hundreds of bill

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Yassin’s Killing Offers A Possible Turning Point

Both Israelis and Palestinians are embroiled in strategy built on, and fueled by, fallacy and tragic illusion. Hamas' suicide bombings and Israel's target killings offer both sides an illusion of some gain, but ultimately inflict terrible self-wounds. Thus, the assassination of Hamas&#3

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The Fence: A Symbol Of Shattered Dreams

As early as 1994, the late Prime Minister Rabin spoke of the need to separate Israelis and Palestinians by erecting a physical barrier, not only to stop violent attacks against Israel but also to reduce the Palestinians' economic dependence on Israel. But the idea of the fence was reject

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Iraq Is Not Ready For Democracy

The Bush administration has not yet come to grips with a fundamental problem endemic to most of the Arab and Muslim world-the lack of the political maturity necessary to engender and sustain pluralism. The Iraqi Council's initial failure to sign the temporary constitution can be largely

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Chronology Of Mishaps And Costly Miscalculations

The list of miscalculations by the Bush administration related to the Iraq war is long and growing, seriously undermining our global credibility and threatening our national security. By continuing with its haphazard and reactive policy, which the administration deceptively portrays as a ser

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