The Fence, Settlements And The Palestinians’ Choice

The decision of Prime Minister Sharon to evacuate most of the settlements in Gaza and several settlements in the West Bank offers the Palestinians an opportunity to resume peace negotiations with Israel in earnest. Yet for peace efforts to go forward, Mr. Sharon must realize that he cannot h

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Why Is CIA Director Tenet Still There?

I have no doubt that CIA Director Tenet is an honorable man and every step he has taken in his professional capacity has been motivated by his utter commitment to our national security. And there is no doubt that he, too, relied on faulty intelligence estimates submitted by subordinates whom

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The President Has No Monopoly On National Security

If President Bush has succeeded in one thing of national import more than any other it's that he has created the perception that he is strong on security. In fact, he's prepared to stake his reelection on this claim. The irony is that even the Democratic presidential contenders have

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Israeli-Syrian Peace Possible And Timely

Peace between Israel and Syria is now more possible than ever because of two factors: One is that most of the issues separating the two adversaries were resolved during their peace negotiations in 2000. The second is that both sides and the United States–whose role remains critical–need a

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Are We Winning The War On Terrorism?

The answer to the question, "are we winning the war on terrorism?" is different depending on who is being asked. If it is administration officials, they generally boast about the many successful anti-terrorist measures taken since September 11, 2001, to which they attribute the fac

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